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How I Booked An Acting Role In MAN IN A BOX by Michael Galante

Starting A New Life At Age 40 by Alexis Kirke

The Controversy Surrounding ALYSSA: PORTRAIT OF A TEEN KILLER by Filmmaker Shane Ryan

What Rewards Or Incentives From Film Courage Would You Be Interested In?


As we attempt to build our Patreon, we have a few questions for you.

What rewards or incentives from Film Courage would you be interested in?

Making The Move From Actor To Filmmaker by Sabrina Gennarino and Pieter Gaspersz of AFTER

Best Advice On Getting Documentary Subjects To Be Natural On Camera by Patrick Creadon

One Method For Increasing Self-Awareness by Alexis Kirke

An #Actor's Guide To Making It In #LosAngeles - The Complete Film Courage Series with @BillOberstjr

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