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One Method For Increasing Self-Awareness by Alexis Kirke

An #Actor's Guide To Making It In #LosAngeles - The Complete Film Courage Series with @BillOberstjr

A Movie To Help Those Who Suffer Depression and PTSD by Sabrina Gennarino and Pieter Gaspersz of AFTER

The Myth Of The Self-Sustaining Artist by Alexis Kirke

Independent Filmmakers Don't Make Movies For Fame Or Fortune by Sabrina Gennarino and Pieter Gaspersz of AFTER

Casting Call For Los Angeles Actors - Untitled Film Courage Project

Looking for actors/actresses of any age range that are Non-Union, NON-WHITE, and in LOS ANGELES for a 10-minute video interview on Monday, September 15th, 2014 in Hollywood, CA to take part in an online-interview documentary for FilmCourage Youtube Channel.

How Does A Camera Affect A Documentary Subject by Patrick Creadon

Sabrina Gennarino and Pieter Gaspersz on Their Film AFTER, Depression, PTSD and Healing - In Select Theaters/VOD

Self-Awareness Is The Key To Success by Alexis Kirke

Is It Harder To Book Modeling Work Than Acting Work? by Michael Galante of MAN IN A BOX

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