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An #Actor's Guide To Making It In #LosAngeles - The Complete Film Courage Series with @BillOberstjr



(Videos and articles)

Writing A Screenplay On A Deadline by Thunder Levin of Sharknado 2: The Second One

The Myth Of The Self-Sustaining Artist by Alexis Kirke

The Story Behind HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT by Jeff Krulik

Screenwriting Debate: Better To Write From P.O.V. Of Criminal Or Detective? by Professor Ron

Directing An Actor In An Emotional Scene by Mark W. Travis and Michael Hauge

When A Screenwriter Is Given 10 Days To Write A Screenplay by Thunder Levin

How To Direct An Actor In A Challenging Role by Mark W. Travis and Michael Hauge

Best Advice For Burning Man Newbies by Mike Hedge of AS THE DUST SETTLES

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