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david branin

Advice To A Screenwriter Working On Their First Script by Peter Russell at STORY EXPO 2014

From Script To Screen, The Process Of Writing A Movie by Jamin and Kiowa Winans of INK and THE FRAME

Why Do Women Expect Men To Act Like Action Heroes In Real Life? by Ruben Östlund and Johannes Kuhnke of FORCE MAJEURE

How Does A Producer Know Their Movie Is Ready For Production? by Fandor CEO Ted Hope

I Didn’t Know How To Produce A Movie, But That Didn’t Stop Me by Zack Ward - Now in DON'T BLINK on iTunes!

Hiring Staff Writers As The Head Writer Of A Television Show by Prof. Ross Brown of Dodge College at Chapman University

What Makes A Filmmaker's New Film Better Than Their Previous One? by Jamin and Kiowa Winans of INK and THE FRAME

Herding Cats: Lessons in Guerrilla Shakespeare Films by John Robert Hurley - New R & J Web Series Launching 10/31/14


It is 8 p.m.
It is the middle of June 2013.

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