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david branin

Independent Filmmakers Don't Make Movies For Fame Or Fortune by Sabrina Gennarino and Pieter Gaspersz of AFTER

How I Booked The Directing Job On COMPOUND FRACTURE by A.J. Rickert-Epstein

Celebrities In Japan by Kayo Washio of Wowow Television Channel

An #Actor's Guide To Making It In #LosAngeles - The Complete Film Courage Series with @BillOberstjr

Casting Call For Los Angeles Actors - Untitled Film Courage Project

Looking for actors/actresses of any age range that are Non-Union, NON-WHITE, and in LOS ANGELES for a 10-minute video interview on Monday, September 15th, 2014 in Hollywood, CA to take part in an online-interview documentary for FilmCourage Youtube Channel.

Screenwriting Debate: Better To Write From P.O.V. Of Criminal Or Detective? by Professor Ron

It Takes Most People 15 To 20 Years To Land Their Hollywood Dream Job by Ross Brown of Dodge College Chapman University

Directing An Actor In An Emotional Scene by Mark W. Travis and Michael Hauge

What I Teach My Students About Hollywood by Bill Duke

When A Screenwriter Is Given 10 Days To Write A Screenplay by Thunder Levin

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